How I work

Freelance journalist:

We live in a complex world. Things we know little about affect us. My work is to show and explain this complexity, first to editors and then to readers.

I do investigative journalism, personal profiles and feature stories. I include a diversity of viewpoints in my stories to reflect all sides of the issues or people’s perceptions of a person or place.


“I’ve worked closely with Anne while teaching journalism at Pima Community College in Tucson, Ariz., and as faculty adviser for the student newspaper, the Aztec Press.  Anne is a top student and journalist, and has written many excellent stories for the newspaper.  She is mature, hard working and a dedicated self-starter who sees projects through to completion.

For a semester project in my feature writing course, she chose an in-depth investigation into a recent change in an Arizona law governing insurance coverage for mental health treatment.  She interviewed numerous sources, and made a complex issue understandable.”

– Cynthia Lancaster, PCC Journalism Student Advisor
“I’ve followed her work and her career for several years now.  She’s top-notch in every way, a most impressive person.”

– Jim Patten, Associate Professor Emeritus,University of Arizona, School of Journalism, Tucson, Arizona
“I can’t begin to tell you how many lovely complements I heard [on your article on J.C. Martin.]  People were so impressed that it was such a quality piece, in some depth and warmly and sensitively written and from such an informed viewpoint.  You clearly went the extra mile to find background material and J.C. was the one who appreciated it most!”

– Lauren Schladwiler, Library Services Specialist
“I would like to get permission to republish the article about June Caldwell Martin which appeared in the summer issue of the Aztec Press.  Ms. Martin was once married to novelist Erskine Caldwell, and we are his hometown paper.”

– Winston Skinner, The Times-Herald, Newnan, GA
“I really appreciate your many layers of knowledge.  As I listen to you, I can see the many years of leadership you have that pour out of your understanding of people and processes.  Thank you for sharing last night and helping us move forward.”

– Anthony Simms, CEO Connecting Communities Foundation


It’s still true, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Whenever I can, I accompany my stories with photographs.  If the pictures say it better, there ‘s less copy.  I’ve studied and practiced photography since my early 20’s and had the opportunity to learn from some really great photographers.  I’m still learning.  I do people, landscapes, animals, events, and photos for organizations’ Web pages.


“I like to see Anne’s work because she is out there taking pictures, accepting the world as it is, but thoughtfully.”

– Sam Abell, National Geographic Photographer
“Great blog!  It reads very nicely and engagingly.”

– Don Usner, photographer and author of: Sabino’s map: Life in Chamayo Old Plaza



“Anne Dalton held key positions of responsibility in the Mecklenburg County Mental Health Department and later the Public Health Department during the 16 years I served as Director.  An important legacy to her work was the ability to connect with community leaders and organizations and help frame a common purpose, goals, and pattern of timely and important communications.  She left our community several years ago and people still talk about her leadership in establishing these effective collaborative partnerships.”

– Peter Safir, Director, Mecklenburg County Public Health Department
June, 2010 “Rise to the Challenge Award”
“As our Communications Director, Anne has brought SI of Desert Tucson to a whole new level in the area of community recognition due to her innovative and committed efforts.”

– Soroptimist International of Desert Tucson