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Southwest Folklife Alliance

As part of my involvement with the SW Folklife Alliance as a Community Folklorist, I was invited to this lecture on traditional healing. We learned how to use herbs for some common physical (and emotional) complaints from Dr. Patrisia Gonzales – time well-spent!

Southern Arizona Paddlers' Club Outing

I and 8 other members of the SAPC (Southern Arizona Paddling Club) decided to rent a house in San Carlos and go down for the annual “Paddle Battle” which had several clubs racing one and five-mile routes to see who was the fastest.

The Saturday of the race was quite windy and not everyone made it all around the course, but the SAPC members placed very well and enjoyed their trophies. The other days, I explored a nearby island and the wonderful feel of floating in saltwater again. The last day we paddled 10-miles in the Sea of Cortez, ending up at our favorite watering hole, the “Soggy Peso.” San Carlos, Mexico
















Guadalupe National Park Continued

In late April, I met up with Tom, my nephew at the Guadalupe National Park in Texas just east of El Paso. It was the first time we had lived within driving distance of each other’s states, so it was a real treat. ┬áThe stark beauty of the park and the ever-present wind made for a multi-sensory experience. The Pine Springs campground was the only one open and closest to most of the trails. The first couple of days we hiked several miles to take in McKittrick Canyon and Devil’s Hall.

The third day, Tom decided to head out the 8-mile hike to Guadalupe Peak, said to be the highest point in TX. I took a simpler trail to Smith Springs which was a gorgeous oasis in the midst of dry desert. The last night the wind was fierce and howled down the canyon most of the night.

Camp spot

Camp spot

Trail shade

Trail shade

A five-day camping trip with my nephew/photojournalist, Tom McCarthy April, 2015

A five-day camping trip with my nephew/photojournalist, Tom McCarthy April, 2015

The last day, Tom headed back toward Austin and I turned in the direction of Tucson. I decided to take the detour to the upper NW corner of the park to see the sand dunes. It looked as though I was one of the few. Although I spent about five hours there, I never saw another person and managed to get lost on the return trip to the parking lot. In the end, a combination of a helicopter, the State Patrol and a Park Ranger had to find me and deliver me back to my car. From now on, the beauty of the dunes will inspire a mixture of awe and apprehension.Spring sand-hill sand-and-cloud2






Guadalupe National Park

My trip with my nephew, Tom, to the Guadalupe National Park in TX was a new experience. It held a certain austere beauty that was both isolating and breath taking at the same time.

Amphi, Jefferson Park and Myers Neighborhoods in Tucson Move Forward

Neighborhoods in Tucson Moving Forward

My articles are on pp. 6,8,10,15,20 and 21. My photographs are throughout the magazine. All articles by myself and Jan give an intimate look at the individuals working to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods on an individual basis whether it’s fighting crime, trends in bulldozing historic places or partnering with businesses and other groups. Fascinating stories.

Efforts to build strong communities in Tucson

Connecting Community Foundation’s Fall Magazine features my photography and three stories: Profile of Bob Schlanger, a local volunteer and owner of a British car business in Jefferson Park, Myers’ neighborhood volunteer, Anita Hess and Jacqui Harry’s unusual car repair shop in Myers.

They are all dedicated builders of community in Tucson.

Tucson’s fight for healthy neighborhoods

The summer edition of the Connecting Communities Foundation’s magazine features an expansion of neighborhood grants. Jefferson Park is working on using flood waters to green its streets. Amphi neighborhood is using funds to prepare high school at-risk kids for the future. Joan Hall, a JP resident, is providing micro-loans all over the world. Others are working to help elderly neighbors remain independent. Check out: Jefferson Park – Exhaling Green, p.14, Joan Hall, No Cause Too Small, P. 10, Gray is Golden, p. 16, Recap of school creative arts program in Myers, P. 24, and a local pet shop owner’s investment in the community, p. 20.

Society for Features Journalism Conference in Tucson

I attended a panel discussion on the media’s handling of the Rep. Gabrielle Giffords tragedy in January. Below are the panel members and are listed left-to-right for the corresponding photographs posted on Facebook.

Robin Abcarian, LA Times
Capt.Adam Goldberg,
C.J. Karamargin, comm,. dir for GG,
Stephanie Innes, AZ Star Medical Reporter
Katie Riley, U of A, APR
Jaimee Rose AZ Republic
Letitia A Gonzales

The most interesting points made were that local reporters like Stephanie Innes from the AZ Star focused a great deal on walking the line between respecting the privacy of the victims and their families and trying to get the news out. They all knew each other and so it was a very personal experience for them and since they live here, they were concerned about maintaining positive relations with everyone.

This was in contrast to how larger media acted when they descended on the story although no one was pointedly critical of anyone. Stephanie Innes said those interviewed were very hospitable and whatever angst they were feeling, they did not take out on the reporters which was a pleasant surprise.

C.J. Karamargin said he is still amazed at the “insatiable appetite” for any Gabby-related news months later.

Tailwinds Magazine: “Tucsonans Run The Path of History”

I wrote this article on four people from Tucson who went to the 2500th anniversary of the Greek Marathon. Their running experience ran the gamut from a first marathon to Mary Croft’s 166th.
See P. 20 for details.

Health Care Advocates Is The Go-to Place

Read what one financial expert says about HealthCare Advocates

HealthCare Advocates & Woman’s Day Magazine
Following up with the Today Show interview, this month’s Woman’s Day Magazine writes about why families should use HealthCare Advocates.
Why use HealthCare Advocates? One expert states the obvious:
“Googling cancer just freaked me out, because they give you all the worst-case scenarios. So what I did was hire a research guide: a professional guide in the disease area that you’re concerned with. The guide can tailor the research to the patient’s age and sex and medical history, so you’re not all over the place. It will save you a lot of time and stress. The best guides will also research the treatments; put you in touch with leading doctors, medical centers that specialize in that area; and help you walk through the maze of insurance coverage. helps people with any medical condition to access the best doctors and treatments.”

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