Health Care Advocates Is The Go-to Place

Read what one financial expert says about HealthCare Advocates

HealthCare Advocates & Woman’s Day Magazine
Following up with the Today Show interview, this month’s Woman’s Day Magazine writes about why families should use HealthCare Advocates.
Why use HealthCare Advocates? One expert states the obvious:
“Googling cancer just freaked me out, because they give you all the worst-case scenarios. So what I did was hire a research guide: a professional guide in the disease area that you’re concerned with. The guide can tailor the research to the patient’s age and sex and medical history, so you’re not all over the place. It will save you a lot of time and stress. The best guides will also research the treatments; put you in touch with leading doctors, medical centers that specialize in that area; and help you walk through the maze of insurance coverage. helps people with any medical condition to access the best doctors and treatments.”

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